About this site

Cloud Security Partners, was founded in 2017 and our mission is to focus on customer security and success. Here at Cloud Security Partners, we have a team of experts who have a deep understanding of the security issues our clients face. We use our expertise and skills to create unique solutions to help our clients tackle these challenges. Cloud Security Partners' experience ranges from small startups with minimal footprints to the largest Fortune 500 financial institutions. Every client is treated individually with tailored solutions for our client’s unique security needs.

Our clients include Fannie Mae, Royal Bank of Canada, and Cloudflare, amongst many others. We have helped dozens of clients build cloud and application security programs. Since our start we have reviewed hundreds of applications for vulnerabilities and thousands of cloud implementations for our clients.

At Cloud Security Partners we take pride in our work for our clients. Our goal is always our clients success while being secure.

Here we release our latest research and case studies of the work we've done with our great customers.